Oncloudwalk.com Domain Change Announcement

Domain Change Announcement

Oncloudwalk.com is pleased to announce our new domain name – www.ocwshoes.com. The new domain name now provides a single destination for OCW official site content instead of Oncloudwalk.com

Both sites are now looking and working exactly the same – only the URL will be different, yet there will be some pages hidden in search result so that it will be sure that you have the right access to the new domain name. So don’t be alarmed if at some point you can’t find Oncloudwalk footwear or other important pages when searching since you can reach them through searching “Oncloudwalk” and entering the first result ocwshoes.com.

We will be making the move gradually throughout the day.

Links to the Oncloudwalk website that use the oncloudwalk.com domain will be automatically redirected to ocwshoes.com and email sent to support@oncloudwalk.com addresses will also be automatically forwarded, though it’s highly recommended to add these new email addresses to your safe lists in case the old domain expired without timely notification.

Accordingly, all links pointing to Oncloudwalk site will be redirected to the ocwshoes.com too. If you would like to update links on your site, that would be better.

Please whitelist the ocwshoes.com domain and update your bookmarks accordingly to help the new pages get indexed!

Feel free to email support@ocwshoes.com if there is anything we can help with the domain name change.